Bucket/Barrel Mold

DEYING MOULD have a excellent experience to product all kinds of bucket mold ,our barrel pail mould including 3L ,5L ,8L,10L,15L,20L,30L, ect …we’re export different pail mould ,paint bucket molding and trash bin moulds for various countries of the world.
1.All of test sample will make leakage ,strength and drop test after mold trial.
2.Fast cycle time:20-30s
3.The professional barrel mold design is the principle of high quality bucket molds.
Fast cooling:mold with beryllium copper for good cooling system for fast cycle production.We have a core, slider, stripper, cavity design cooling system.For bucket mold ,we design have water channel with 40MM,allows water to run smoothly in the channel while taking away heat from the core.
4.Our bucket/pail/barrel scope :
Plastic paint bucket mold
Chemical bucket mold
Food bucket mold
Lubricant bucket mould
5.In view of past 20 years rich work experience, we have concluded a lot of technical points to help with you in paint pail barrel mould design and produce to let you get good market reputation and profit.
6.Good and suitable steel selection for barrel molds is very important.Different steels, different die life, generally we recommend at least 718H, of course, some customers need better steel, such as H13…
7.Precision moulding is essential of ensure injection mold and material flow.The core of bucket mold results in uneven barrel wall thickness and the pail is not centered.
This problem is common, but it is vicious for mold life.
Such a good selection of precision machining processes is very important.
Welcome you contact us if you need any bucket mould or need barrel pail mould injection molding solutions.