Tips for COVID Protection and self-isolation

COVID spreads all over the world, I hope everyone around you is fine and protect yourself and your family.
Tips for COVID Protection and self-isolation;
1-   Prepare enough food and living supplies for at least one week;
2-   Don’t go to crowded places or any visit,because this is transmitted from person to person;
3-   Go outside wear a mask(Medical masks and N95) ;
4-   Wash hands frequently by sanitizing hand sanitizer/soap, sterilize house once a day;
5-   Try not to take public transportation,such as bus, subway, high-speed rail, airplane, etc.
6-   Room is ventilated ;
7-   Do not press the elevator directly by hands, can use paper or a key to poke;
8-   Remember to tear up the mask before throwing it in the trashcan;
9-   Disinfection of tableware. No sterilizer sterilizer,can use boiling water to cook them;
10-  Wipe touched items by alcohol,such as mobile, home switch and door handles;
11-   Exercise and improve body resistance; Drink more water;
12-  Try to eat cooked food, not raw.

Post time: Apr-01-2020