Tactical Helmet mold ship to Thailand

Tactical Helmet mold ship to Thailand

2 cavities

compression forming

P20H steel

Used for kevlar helmet production.

High cut model

Oil heating

Put the Kevlar/Aramid material into the heated mold. After the mold is closed, the material fills the entire cavity and polymerizes, and the product is completely cured after the product is out of the mold.

Tactical Helmet mold ship to Thailand

Mold characteristics: short cycle, high efficiency, long life, low cost.

1. Adopt the international advanced level special runner design.

2. Mold cooling adopts circulating water, which effectively improves the efficiency of product ejection.

3. The mould body fastener adopts 12.9 grade high-strength bolts.

4. The slider adopts a special tie rod structure, and the production efficiency of the product can be increased by more than 50% (more than 3,000 pieces per day).

5. The mold body is made of imported P20, 718 high-quality mold steel or imported alloy steel. Steel hardness HRC28~HRC60

6. Medium-term standard preparation treatment, tempering and nitriding treatment. The workpiece has good comprehensive mechanical properties, large rigidity and small deformation. Later, the inside and outside are chrome-plated and mirror polished. Good flatness, high precision and easy demoulding.It has high surface hardness (greater than HV850), wear resistance, and no deformation, which greatly enhances the life of the mold (at least over 500,000 molds).

7. Main processing equipment: CNC numerical control milling processing center, CNC high speed numerical control precision carving processing center, CNC deep hole drilling machine processing center. ISO9001 quality system.

8. Mold specifications: customized according to customer requirements of product appearance and size specifications.

9. We will provide you with: timely reply to letters, phone calls or faxes, provide quotations and mold design plans, conduct technical exchanges, send mold processing pictures and plans, test molds and send samples, and deliver them in time.Provide customers with data, pictures, movies, and mold progress on a regular basis every week.

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