SMC mold application field

Characteristics and application fields of SMC composite materials

The unique performance of SMC composite material solves the shortcomings of wooden, steel, and plastic meter boxes that are easy to age, easy to corrode, poor insulation, poor cold resistance, poor flame retardancy, and short life. The excellent performance of composite meter boxes has absolute sealing and waterproofing. Performance, anti-corrosion performance, anti-electricity theft performance, never need grounding wire, beautiful appearance, safety protection with lock and lead seal, long service life, composite cable bracket, cable trench bracket, composite meter box, etc. are widely used in rural power grids , Used in urban network transformation.

SMC composite materials and SMC molded products have excellent electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties, thermal stability, and chemical resistance. Therefore, the application range of SMC products is quite wide, mainly in the following application areas:

1. Applications in the electrical industry.

2. Application in the automobile industry.

3. Application in railway vehicles.

4. Application in communication engineering.

5. Application of explosion-proof electrical equipment shell, etc.

SMC mold application field-1
SMC mold application field

Post-modification and mold cleaning of SMC material products

After using SMC materials to complete processing into finished products, we often need to perform post-correction processing on them. The so-called post-modification mainly includes post-repair of some small problems that occurred during the molding process, so that it not only looks more beautiful, but also can ensure its use effect.
Common problems include SMC material after molding, its shrinkage is too small or slightly warped and so on. For this kind of problem, we can put it in the oven to eliminate it. In addition to these problems, there is a more common problem, that is flashing. The flash problem will not only cause its thickness to be too large and unsightly, but also cause waste of materials. We can use some tools to deal with it.

Usually, when using SMC materials to make different products, we need to use different molds. After the production work is over, we need to clean up the mold in time. This is because if it is not cleaned up in time, the next processing will be affected. In fact, the cleaning of the mold mainly includes removing some debris, flash debris, etc.
In addition to the above basic content, we also need to completely remove the debris that has penetrated into the gap of the cavity joint to prevent adverse effects on the quality of the next processed product. When cleaning the SMC material mold, we can use the method of compressed air, or use a brush and copper tools for processing to prevent damage to the cavity surface.
In short, whether it is the post-modification of SMC material products or the cleaning of molds, it is relatively trivial work. Therefore, everyone should be careful and patient in the process of work, otherwise if the handling is not perfect, it will also affect the later use effect.

Post time: Aug-21-2020