Ceramic plate compression mould to Israel

Ceramic plate compression moulding to Israel

Deying Mould is good at produce compression mold,especially the molds for military products have very rich experience.

This mold detailed information as follows:

Cavity:1 cavity

Steel of mold:H13

Hardness:48-55 HRC after Vacuum quenching treatment;

Heating:Heating rod


Production application: production of ceramic plates

Ceramic plate compression mould to Israel

Generally, powder, granules, granules, flakes, or even blanks similar to the product are first made and placed in the cavity of the heated mold, and then the mold is closed and pressurized to form and solidify, and then removed. Molded products, suitable for the molding process of thermosetting plastics (see thermosetting resin).

Production machine: hydraulic press

Molding process:

1: Pre-pressing In order to improve product quality and increase molding efficiency, the operation of pressing powder or fibrous molding compound into a certain shape in advance.

2: Preheating To improve the processing performance of the molding compound and shorten the molding cycle, the molding compound should be heated before molding.

3: Molding Add the required amount of plastic into the mold, close the mold, vent, and maintain it for a period of time under the molding temperature and pressure, and then remove the mold to clear the mold.


Post time: Jul-14-2020