Polyethylene Military Ballistic Helmet Molds

Short Description:

polyethylene (UHMWPE, UHMW) material Military Ballistic Helmet Molds is compression forming ,product’s production by Hydraulic Press to press and heating by oil machine

  • Product Specification: Depend on your sample/drawing design
  • Mold Cavity: Single or Multi-cavity
  • Mold Steel: S50C/P20H/718/H13/S136/2316/2738 etc.
  • Mold Runner: Cold/Hot Runner-point way,side way,direct gate
  • Mold Base: LKM,DME,HASCO standard etc,World standard
  • Mould Life: at least 500,000 shots,Depend on mold steel
  • Mould Design Software: UG, PROE, CAD, CAXA etc.
  • Mould Surface Treatment: Mirror polished
  • Export Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
  • Shipping: By Sea or By air
  • Payment: T/T,Western Union,Credit card,E-checking,Paypal,L/C
  • Note: Compression Mould without runner
  • Other: Please inform your requirement when request quote.
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