Meter Box/Gas Box Mold

Deying mold is supplying various types of Electricity meter box mould ,distribution Cabinet mold and junction box,gas box moulds.
The main material for the production of these products now is plastic or the new material SMC/BMC/FRP is used for pressing production, and the product is obtained by compression heating mold.
Advantages of FRP meter box over plastic meter box:
1. Good electrical performance: insulation resistance (immersion 24h): 1.0×10 MΩ
Arc resistance: 180s
Resistance to tracking index: ≥600v
2, chemical corrosion resistance: has good resistance to acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents, seawater and other corrosion, and metal materials are not resistant to acid, seawater corrosion.
3. Lightweight and high strength: The specific modulus of fiber reinforced polyester material is equivalent to that of steel, but its specific strength can reach 4 times that of steel.
4, good fatigue resistance: the tensile strength of fiber reinforced polyester material is slightly better than steel, the fatigue limit of steel and most metal materials is 40%-50% of its tensile strength, while the fiber reinforced composite material The fatigue resistance limit is generally higher than this value, and the highest can reach 70%-80%.
5. Notch sensitivity: When the component is overloaded and a small amount of fiber breaks, the load is quickly distributed on the unbroken fiber to reach the mechanical equilibrium again. This is not comparable to metal components.
6. Low thermal conductivity and small expansion coefficient: the thermal stress generated when there is temperature difference is much smaller than that of metal.
7, excellent UV resistance and aging resistance: In non-metallic materials, fiber reinforced polyester materials have excellent anti-aging properties.
8. Long service life: The history of use in Europe can prove that its service life is at least 20 years; far exceeds traditional materials such as metal.
9, flame retardant, smokeless, non-toxic: This material is a flame retardant material, the flame retardant grade is FV0 (the highest grade of non-metallic materials), the level of smoke emission under high temperature burning is 15 (smoke level) Level 1 – Class 100), the smoke is non-toxic and the toxicity level is ZA1 (quasi-safe level 1).