Mold Flow Analysis

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Mold flow analysis is very important for the production of molds. It can effectively avoid the risk of mold design and molding, effectively reduce the cost of repeated modification of molds, and effectively reduce the number of mold test adjustments. It is a very effective early risk analysis tool for mold injection molding.

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DEYING MOLD mold flow analysis Contents

·Product data analysis

We analyze basic product data based on customer products, including: structure, thickness, data quality, etc.

·Gate Location gate location

Based on customer product requirements, we have a wealth of experience in selecting the best inlet method, runner size, gate size for customer analysis, meeting customer requirements and achieving optimal filling.

·Cool system cooling system

Advising customers on the best mold cooling system to ensure product quality and reduce cooling time.

·Fill time filling time

According to the product structure and material reminder, we design the optimal product filling time requirements for customers, including the holding pressure switching time.

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·Pressure at V/P switchover Maximum injection pressure

Provide customers with the best molding parameters.

pressure vp

·Flow Front Temp. Flow front temperature

Accurately analyze product and mold temperatures based on plastic flow characteristics.

temp front of flow

·Clamp Force clamping force

Provide customers with the best molding parameters, and provide data reference for machine selection and adjustment.

·Cycle time cycle prediction

After analysis, we provide customers with reasonable molding cycle predictions, providing reliable data support for customers' test mode adjustment, injection molding production and capacity prediction.

·Sink mark

·Air Traps

·Weld Lines bonding line

Through analysis, predict product defects in advance and prevent molding risks in advance.

·Volumetric shrinkage volume shrinkage

Provides shrinkage data reference for mold design through accurate analysis.

·Deflection (total, X, Y, Z direction) deformation

Through the mold flow analysis, the deformation of the product in all directions can be accurately analyzed, and the early risk prediction can be achieved.

·Suggestions analysis summary and recommendations

Based on the above comprehensive analysis results, we will provide the best advice and improvement plan for our customers. The analysis results can be used as an important basis for product design, mold design and molding adjustment.

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