Achievement & Advantages

DEYING is a professional mold manufacturer. It has accumulated many years of experience in manufacturing, development and innovation, constantly improving technology and pursuing perfect mold quality.

DEYING adopts advanced management mode to continuously improve comprehensive management and shorten delivery time and total cost. In order to ensure the high quality molds from raw materials to finished products, Deying has introduced advanced processing equipment, mastered the latest developments in the domestic and international mold industry, and maintained a good cooperative relationship with domestic mold research institutions.

Perfect modern professional manufacturing technology and machines provide a solid scientific basis and strong technical support for the continuous improvement of mold quality. DEYING has strong precision mold manufacturing capabilities, modern standard factory buildings, located in Taizhou, and convenient transportation. At the same time, DEYING has established stable cooperative relations with several experienced factories. We provide from receiving customer drawings to completing mold manufacturing. One-stop service.

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