Russian client purchase new injection mold

Russian client purchase new injection mold

This is our regular customer,Thanks to the customer long-time support and long-term cooperation, can only be achieved with good quality

Russian client purchase new injection mold

Mold quality control

We have our own complete production and management system, and we have quality control in every production link. Its scope is: from the design structure of plastic products to the feasibility of mold structure design, from mold raw material procurement to raw material inspection, from raw material processing technology selection to part quality inspection, from part assembly to mold overall inspection, mold trial, etc. And other manufacturing processes related to molds.

1. Product design review: analyze the product structure, product structure, product wall thickness, parting surface selection, draft angle, product appearance and internal view, and product important size determination

2. Mold design review: analysis from the mold parting surface, mold core pulling mechanism, casting system, cooling system, manufacturing process, guiding system, mechanical strength of each part of the mold, etc.

3. The processing arrangement of mould parts and the determination of processing parameters

4. In the mold processing process, each component is tested to ensure that each processing step has no defects and flows into the next process, especially the size of the mold parting surface and the matching size of the mold moving parts.

5. Mold assembly process control

6. Mold trial process control

7. Sample test report

8. Correction of customer feedback results

9. Mold installation test

10. Inspection of the mold before shipment

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